Living Life in the Real World: A Motivational Tale

Dont you love stories that just start out right in the middle of everything? Without preamble the first line reads; “I didn’t feel bad about murdering her, not even as I watched her blood go down the shower drain. I used her shower.” You read that and think, “What a fucking sicko.” But you read on. I like stories like that. So lets start in the middle of everything right now, which in my personal case could also be considered the middle of nothing.

Have you ever tried to get a job in the past few years? Fresh out of college and ready to spread my overflowing wisdom onto the unwitting elderly who inhabit the typical boss chair and I feel like I can’t even find the door to get into the building. I want to wave my crispy new BA degree in Liberal Arts but it seems to me that I should just start using the back of that as scrap paper for my grocery list or list of graduate schools, as well as the calculations for the cost of both.

Jobs don’t want you to have a BA anymore and those four years for studying mean nothing. What your resume needs to say if you want a job is this:

- completed around 12 years of school, but don’t worry I am not overqualified.

- I have held internships since the eighth grade because I have always known what I wanted to be and did not need to actually work at a job that paid me.

- I have knowledge of every computer system software and work well in groups and alone of course.

- I may have just graduated from college BUT of course I was able to still get the 1-5 years of required experience nearly all decent paying jobs require.

My resume doesn’t look exactly like that. Its more like: “Hi I want to be a writer. Please hire me because I am desperate and at this point in my life will write anything that can be published. Also I’m nice and one of those team members that will buy a round a drinks at happy hour #workswellwithothers.”

So, like I said, I am in the middle of nothing. I have dug myself deep into the disgusting trenches of the job search yet have still watched over 4 seasons of Gilmore Girls and read 5 books in the past month. Three of which were Divergent, I’ll admit it. That is what the middle of nothing looks like. To quote someone famous whose words appear on instagram many times, “Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should already have your life together”.

With that in mind I face my chaotic nothing with this idea in place. When I fail, I shall fail excellent.

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