Black Bean Breakfasts Of Champions

Because breakfast should be made with beans.

Black Bean Vegan Pancakes

They are vegan, they are sweet, and they are pancakes. Oh, and did I mentioned they are made with black beans? Get your fiber and chocolate for breakfast, and feel no food guilt. Hands down, best vegan breakfast ever. EVER! Because chocolate for breakfast, you guys.

Check out this recipe here

Black Bean Hash Brown

Oh hai, a mountain of black beans, sweet potatoes, and a slowly fried egg - gimmie gimmie! This is just the definition of perfect. AND IT HAS GUAC!? So much food, so much yum.

Check out this recipe here

Breakfast Black Bean Burrito Omelette

That melted cheese though. Can I have this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack? Heck yes. Give me this, always.

Check out this recipe here

Fried Eggs & Black Beans

Fried eggs and black beans have to be one of the best pairs of foods. They give you everything you need for a power breakfast, and it'll keep you satisfied for hours. Sizzleeee!

Check out the recipe here

Vegan Breakfast Tacos

If you ever though that vegans don't have a lot of meal options, this is proof that they have plenty. That breakfast taco is a must have! Forget bacon, I'll have this!

heck out the recipe here

I like cheeseburgers and cheap wine.
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