CheongDamDong Alice (Korean Drama) Ep.8-LIVE Recap

SJ's also going to party then secretary Mon calls him. "President..! Now I remember! It's not that I told her sth. AJ told me sth and I heard it..!" SJ heards what AJ said to Mon and gets surprised. In the meanwhile AJ also sends a msg to SK. 'Hey! Now I remember what I said to Mon. But the thing I heard is more surprising..! Secretary Kim is ARTEMIS president!' At the moment, SK and SJ meets up. AJ said to secretary Mon that AK likes scretary Kim. SJ can't believe that SK likes him, so asks same questions to Mon over and over again. He feels so pleased with it. DU also feels pleased with it and suggest him to tell he likes SK. But SJ realizes soon that SK likes secretary Kim not ARTEMIS president and worries what if SK doesn't like him. DU says "Stay hold on. SK just likes a man named SJ. It doesn't matter if u're president or not." In the meanwhile, YJ tells all the truth to president IN. "Thanks to u, I could be here. Plz keep the secret.", YJ begs for it. "Of course I have to. If I don't, there will be problem in my son's marrying. I will never tell it to anyone. You said love is business. Think well..This marriage also can be good business.", IN says. In Hwa participated ARTEMIS party then sees SK. "What for u came here? as guest? how?", she asks. "I was invited from president.", SK says. And SJ feels so nervous, cuz he's thinking of his heart toward SK in party. His friends encourage him to be confident, and SJ decides to tell his heart to SK. MC introduce SJ as ARTEMIS president. While talking in front of people, SJ continually thinks of SK. 'Our trip will be start from now on, SK.', he thinks. "And I also wanna say my personal wish. It's easiest to be honest." and SJ tries to tell his heart to SK, but she's not there. SK came out from party and meets AJ. AJ says "It's good opportunity for u! And I remembered what I said to Mon. I told him that u like secretary Kim. So the thing u gotta do is to live as the way u've have. Ok?" But SK doesn't feel happy about it and cries. In the meanwhile, SJ is in party then sees TMH. "Why u r here? I didn't invite u..did u meet her here? did u aplogize her?", SJ says. TMH says "I tried to, but SK went out soon so I couldn't." SJ says "Do I have to tell u how to apologize? Do not appear in front of her and me again." At that night, SK thinks alone. 'SJ is ARTEMIS president and he likes SK as the way she were. But the problem is SK is already changed and SJ doesn't know it. It means that SJ liked SK when she didn't change yet. So I gotta pretend like I didn't change..I like secretary Kim, but my purpose is ARTEMIS president not secretary Kim..This is great opportunity for me, so I have to perform SK in the past.' While writing this, she cries alone. Coming back home, SK is talking with AJ, then YJ visits her. She's crying alone. In the meanwhile, SJ feels confused. "Why SK disappeard suddenly? She watned to see president, then why she suddenly went out? I wanna see her asap and show my true heart toward her.." YJ and SK went to a room. YJ says "Do u know where is here? When I was delivering sth from boutique last christmas, I came here. At that time girls who is same age with me were having party here. This room costs 5000000W for one night. Then I swore I'd have party here in next christmas. Do u really wanna live like me?" SK says "Yes I will. I fianally found my rabbit. Secretary Kim was my rabbit. Actually he was president not secretary. U told me busniess and love can't exist together? I think it is possible.." Then YJ says her story. "A few yrs ago, I also had someone who I loved truly..Then I came to know he was the rich. But he gave up all thing because of me..Cuz his parents didn't like me, he gave up all his heritage, parents and home..Business and love is different basically..That's why I say the two can't exist together. Hope u're doing well..", YJ says. Next morning, TMH is thinking of the situation. "SJ comes to like SK, seeing her behavior toward her ex-boyfriend. But the important thing is that SK is not SK in the past. She wanna marry with the rich now, right? Then why SK wanted for me to help her, while she's working with president? SJ is president and good person who can help her instead of me..", TMH doubt about it. Then he comes to know SK misunderstood SJ as secretary Kim. *TMH stole SK's phone and checked it to know the truth. In the meanwhlie, SJ is reading a letter from SK. "Hi, president. I can't work with you from now on, cuz I love secretary Kim. I thought it would be hard to tell u directly, so I came out in party. Sorry.." *SK sent the letter to SJ to hole his heart, cuz now she knows he's president. SJ calls her, but SK doesn't catch it. That's because TMH stole her phone, but SJ doesn't know it. Min Huk, YJ's husband, also noticed that SJ is IN's son. He tried to know more info about him, and YJ feels so nervous about it. SJ tries to call her SK but he can't. Next morning, DU, SJ's friend, visits SK's home to help SJ. But he meets only SK's sister but knows where's SK. SK's sister tells AJ that she told DU where SK is. "Why? Why to told it to him? OMG..", AJ says. ASA she hangs off call, she calls to SK and says "Hey, SJ knew where u are. Hide asap..!" SJ runs to find SK, but she hides and doesn't appear. "SK, where are u! I have sth to tell u! SK..!", he cries but SK doesn't come out. "OK, then just listen..I have sth I didn't tell u. I didn't mean it..actually...I'm..I'm.." At the moment SJ gonna tell he's ARTEMIS president, SK comes out. "SK, I have sth to apologize u. Maybe u wouldn't want to see me again if u hear this. But I really wanna tell u the truth and apologize u. Actually I'm...I'm...ARTEMIS president." Hearing it, SK pretends she's gets surprised.

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