The touring world loses Jack White, too

Jack White

He'll play four more shows, but he won't announce their locations or dates until one day beforehand, when tickets will go on sale for $3 each, limit one per person. And they're purely acoustic shows. And they're only in states that he has never toured in.

Or so he says.

White said that after these shows, he will stop touring "for a long period of time." Oh, and any hope that we may reserve of seeing the White Stripes together again? Forget about it. When asked about pairing with ex-wife and bandmate Meg, he said that "that time has gone."

This sucks. While we haven't seen the White Stripes together for some four years, Jack has been touring as a solo headliner with plenty of shows. He headlined Governor's Ball in NYC last summer and acquiesced to the crowd's demands of "Seven Nation Army" during his encore. But it's likely we'll never hear that song live again, at least not with the thundering drums and guitars of his full-scale shows. It sure would be interesting to see him play an acoustic set, though. After all, he does have a great voice...

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