Celebrity 'Menswear Dog' looks better than you across the globe...HA.


Below I have listed some stereotypical things that I personally thought applied to the picture if the Menswear Dog could talk :


"Now is the time to seas the day and I'm sitting at a restaurant. Crab? No, lobster will be fine, thank you. Where is the champagne? This is ridiculous, I can't park my boat on the dock all day. I need to set sail before sunset."


"Love is in the air. I love baguettes. You darling will shine as bright as the Eiffel tower. I'll make sure no one pick-pockets us. I also bought this rose because it was very Parisian. Thank god they're finally tearing the lock bridge down."


"Ahhh a nice cup of tea to end the day. Ugh, another tabloid about the Queen. She needs to learn how to take care of her own fanny. Before you know it, the whole monarchy is going to go down. At least we're not as obsessed with the Royal family as the bloody Americans are."


"Cool breeze makes for a chill day. There's no water in the office today because we're trying to cut back but it's fine. Some new employee walked into work today wearing a full suit and tie, looked like a total east coaster. Like, relax dude, we're in the Valley. Take a break, go for a surf, and enjoy the waves."


"Mamma mia! Obviously I have the most wonderful composure, we're in Milan. Forget Paris, WE ARE the fashion capital. Suave and settled with my nice cup of coffee before a nice serving of pasta for the night. Oh, excuse me, mother is calling."


"Today's my wedding down by the shore. Nice, simple, and traditional is what I prefer. I was looking forward to the ceremony however all of these tourists are flocking here and disrupting everything. I'm just excited my brother who lives in the US will finally be able to get here. It's been long enough."

New York

"Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Slow walkers are so annoying and don't even get me started about the tourists. Yes, I know we have good pizza obviously. I have to go, I'm late. Oh you're from Jersey? I'M SO SORRY. "

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