How To Get Creative Right Now!


Stuck on a project? Not feeling productive? Not to worry: It's Creativity Time!!!

Take a break from work and enjoy these tips and tricks to get the juices flowing!

By: Tess Stevens

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1. Listen To Music:

Get a list of your favorite artists and songs together for example:

1. Green Day- Christie Road

2. The Libertines- Music When The Lights Go Out

3. The Killers- Miss Atomic Bomb

4. Justin Timberlake- Only When I Walk Away

5. Babyshambles-Delivery

Make a playlist of your favorite songs and do nothing but listen to them. No work, no reading, nothing .Just take in the music. It'll jump-start your thought process. If you isolate the mind on something as compelling as music the ideas will start flowing. Also engaging with your favorite songs will give you energy!

2. Write by hand:

I love writing things by hand. I keep a journal that is only handwritten, with doodles and cartoons. It helps me stay connected with myself. Writing by hand has been proven to increase brain activity and thus increase creativity.

Prompt yourself to write one page a day.


3. Laugh:

Studies show that when you laugh or get into a positive mood your pre-frontal cortex is engaged. This is the part of the brain associated with cognition, decision making and emotion. So pull up a comedy special on Netflix and get your laugh on!


4: Go Outside:

There was nothing better as a kid than getting to play outside. We'd bother our parents and ask for more time when they yelled for us to come inside. Now we spend all day inside. Get out and get some green, it'll open up your consciousness and the fresh air always does a body good.


5. Get Moving:

Countless studies attest to the fact that more active people are more creative. If we get our heart rates up we can definitely get our minds going. Dance, run, skip, whatever! Anything that gets the body moving is great for making new ideas.


6. Hang with Friends:

Nothing gives us more energy than the people around us. By spending less time alone, you'll be able to bounce ideas off of one another more freely.


7. Look at Something Green: reports that looking at green objects promotes brain activity and mood. Lots of things that are green help us live, like the plants outside. I'm not sure if this works, but hey it's worth a try.

8. Draw/Doodle:

Same benefits as writing by hand, but may be a little more fun. To get more creative, try and come up with a little doodle character each day. They may just be your creativity mascot.


9. Don't get mad, just take a break!

For every two hours of work, you should take at least a 15 minute break. I know when I've been working too long, especially in front of a computer I have to get up and do something else.


10. Do something you love!

If you get stuck working on something academic or for a job, take some time during the day to do something you know you're good at.

Playing guitar and writing music is a creative outlet that is always switched on for me. Whenever I'm having trouble completing something I can pick up my guitar and play a few songs and my creative energy will come back.


Above all else, creativity comes to those who work hard and give themselves time to develop, so get out there and do you!

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