Les Miserables Trailer

The peasant Jean Valjean is released from nineteen years of imprisonment – four for stealing bread and fifteen for various escape attempts – and meets the kind and heart warm bishop of Digne who takes him in when he has no place to stay. Valjean accomplishes to turn his life around with the help of the bishop – six years later he owns a factory and becomes the mayor of the little town. An officer from the prison where Valjean was incarcerated has been transferred to M on M and starts keeping an eye on Valjean, who’s interrogated by the officer when he helps the sick prostitute Fantine with her daughter when she herself is imprisoned for attacking a client. Valjean, incapable of escaping his criminal past, moves him and Fantine’s daughter Cosette to Paris. When the big student revolt begins Valjean decides to go into exile with Cosette but when he finds out about cosette’s love to Marius he lets her stay. cr: screenrush

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