New LEGO Set Coming Soon

OMFG! Are you kidding me?!

LEGO just turned one of my favorite television network comedies (yes, I watch things other than Netflix, don't judge), into a play set! I live!

Set to hit retailers later this year, (no date set), The Big Bang Theory LEGO set is priced at $59.99 for ages 12+. That dry erase board and Sheldon sitting squeezed beyond his personal bubble is killing me!

Look familiar? This was the pitch to LEGO for the play set, which required at least 10,000 votes to even be considered through LEGO Ideas Project. It was created by stark raving lunatic fans, Alatariel and GlenBricker.

Despite a few minor changes and some LEGO finessing, this seems-like-a joke product passed all the necessary tests needed to get it onto store shelves. Novelty or not, this is real and I am getting at least one set, maybe two.

I have a twin brother. We are noting alike. I am divorced. Long story. But eager to tie the knot all over again. Love cool stories and Netflix. Chai tea lover.
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