5 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

We all have guilty pleasures, mine just happen to exist in the form of watching embarrassingly bad TV shows. For anyone with a few extra hours to kill this weekend, I recommend any of the following to keep you endlessly entertained.

Gossip Girl follows the dramatic lives of rich Upper East Side high schoolers who have a lack of supervision and a lot of their parents money. If you like New York City and never-ending drama, this show is probably right up your alley.

Not that different from Gossip Girl is 90210, which features an ever-changing and always dramatic group of friends in Beverly Hills. If you're more West Coast than East Coast, try this show instead of Gossip Girl.

Obviously, a reality TV show had to make the list. Whether you're making fun of the contestants or wondering what Chris Harrison's actual purpose on the show is, The Bachelor/Bachelorette is always entertaining.

Honestly, this one is just embarrassing for me. Jersey Shore is so ridiculous that it's actually hard to watch several episodes in a row. But, for an hour or two of amusement that will make you feel a bit better about yourself, this show might be the answer.

When is something not terrible happening on Grey's Anatomy? There's romance, suspense and medical mysteries, what more could you want?

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