Don't be fooled...Drake Bell isn't 'Sorry'.

So here's where it all started. Complete and undeniable transphobia plastered across this washed up celebrity's Twitter. It's quite unfortunate while I, being a personal huge fan of Drake Bell when he was the star of Drake and Josh is not someone I admire anymore. But now, he's old news and it's quite obvious he is very irrelevant. This isn't the first time he's shown his ignorance. He attacked Justin Bieber awhile back but now he's going after the biggest name in the news by throwing a wave of disgrace towards someone who has done such a brave thing, Caitlyn Jenner.


So first you insult and now you do the whole "no offense" back peddling to disregard the full harshness of your previous tweet even though you meant it full heartedly.

Is it bravery in your eyes? Because you made it very clear that Caitlyn Jenner isn't acceptable because you are insisting on still calling her 'Bruce'.

You aren't sorry, you're simply following what someone told you to tweet to fix your comment. As Taylor Swift would say, "Bandaids don't fix bullet holes."

WOW. You have the nerve to apologize for something that you totally stood by two days ago? Did you think people weren't going to screenshot your tweets? Deleting the original tweet doesn't go away because everything on the internet is permanent. You say that you in, "no way meant to hurt or demean..." yet you still did because of your transphobic ignorance that thought it was acceptable to call someone by a former name that no longer applied because you just wanted to. *sshole.

They weren't made of innocence because YOU TWEETED IT. You don't tweet something without knowing 100% that you mean it. You should deeply regret it because now everyone hates you more than we already do after your Bieber attack.

Go find a bridge and stay down there because you seem to have a love for being a troll.

Trust us, we won't miss you.

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