Views from Buckingham

One of my "to go" spots when I visited London, was the palace. Due to the extensive history, but also what the building represents. As I got off the underground and made my way through the park, towards the palace, I noticed an increasing amount of people walking the same direction. It was the first of many sightings of the heavy tourism this city experiences on a daily basis. At first I didn't make much of it, I thought to myself "we can all act like civilized humans and enjoy this together" I soon found out I was wrong. The crowd was too much to bear with, there was barely any room to move, let alone any personal space. Everyone bumping into each other just to get closer to the fence of the palace to watch the guard play a few tunes, while the officers on horses started screaming at the crowd to only move in one direction. Left to right, when most were coming from the right to left, this created a confusing environment around the crowd, and for me it tainted what could've been a more pleasant experience. I didn't get to see the whole palace due to the crowd, but I did get a few snaps of what it looked like while I was there

"OI, DON'T STOP FOR PHOTOS!" Here's the story behind this shot. There were a BUNCH of tourist trying to get a view of the palace, everyone is moving along so that others may get a chance at the center and whatnot. So we all create a 2 way path way as some were moving left to right and others right to left, the guards get upset and they feel like they need to get the situation under control. They quickly start screaming at people and telling everyone to go right and to keep moving, without stopping. So the moment arose, when I walked by the gate I took the shot. It just so happened to have an Asian tourist taking a photo there, while the police woman/guard on a horse screamed at her. It made for a good "Kodak" moment.

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