'We Got Married' LIVE RECAP EP149

This is a live recap for 'we got married' ep 149 Also 'We Got Married', this program will be aired every saturday in MBC 5.10 PM. :) So would you want to see me, come here !! actually...not me...kkkkk you want to see these couples !!! Kwanghee called Catering because Sunhwa prepare the food very difficult. sun hwa teach her husband Food Etiquette kwanghee's etiquette very dirty so sun hwa's friend look him very interesting but kwanggee's friend famiiliar si wan say sunhwa's food skill very good so he feel that attracted si wan and kwanghee exchanged their act . si wan say just act practice but kwanghee feels Jealousy si wan's real mind is just induce jelousy kwanghee's frined and sunhwa teasing kwanghee exchaged husband act they play the game and losing team has a mission this game name is love genga . this have a one mission . sun hwa's mission is Handshake who favorite person. and siwan's mission is Dating Application to anyone he likes they selcet each other because induce kwanghee's jealousy anyway if women team lose the game they show sexy dance and kwanghee team lose they dance Secret's sexy dance kwang hee team lose the game so they dance the sexy dancing si wan's dance skill is a little poor so they laugh si wan has a great time and they promise next meeting their friends appear kwang hee upset. becacuse earlier things (ex exchanged husband acting etc...) they have a mission card which go to honeymoon at hawaii then they don't know hawaii is Amereca Territory they think they go to honeymoon alone ~ but three couple go to hawaii together julien and Se Ah , Lee Joon yeon seo couple also think go to hawaii alone. but lee joon knows going to hawaii another couple as texting with kwang hee. all people disappointment knowing the fact (go to hawaii with other couple) yeon seo prepare special clothes which lee joon likes. and lee joon thinks sexy swimsuit. and they plan teasing kwang hee kwang hee prepare the baby doll which he thinks their baby. but sunhwa embarassing. they expect many reporters at airport. so they overly decorated their clothes . and they search reporters . just sun hwa's manager takes picture. lee joon's couple laugh at kwang hee's clothes kwang hee's couple show them their pictures like Paparazzi cut kwang hee tease yeon seo and lee joon tired. they saw yeon seo's body at image and lee joon very happy and sun hwa envy her julien and se Ah couple look luxury. they think kwang hee's baby doll assemble them so they think the baby is theirs all people saw lee joon's Underwear lee joon a little shamful in air lee joon prepare many things for yeon seo. seeing it se ah envy her so julien gave his shoulder for her . in wedding car , Se Ah's old dance sill laughing people arrive in hotel, they exciting the summer christmas because they usually experiece winter christmas in korea In Waikiki Beach kwanghee wore winter shoes. so Julien couple are embarrassed they ferret out their body each other yeon seo show her body to lee joon so gently tear the T-shirt. next weekend is Authentic honeymoon story

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