The Vegan Pantry: What Exactly IS Tempeh?


Maybe you haven't been vegan/vegetarian for a long time, or maybe you've been vegan/vegetarian forever, but have yet to try tempeh yourself. Don't worry! The appearance of tempeh might not look as 'meaty' as tofu or seitan, but once you learn how to cook with it, it will easily become a meal staple in your kitchen.

Tempeh is essentially cultured and fermented soybeans, formed into a patty or cake-like form so that it may be sliced or cubed as a meat substitute in any number of ways. Fermented vegetables, such as tempeh, kimchi, and sauerkraut, are rich in probiotics. However, tempeh is also a wonderful protein source - providing 20 grams of protein in just 4 ounces!

Try any of the recipes below to (hopefully!) discover a new tempeh favorite.

Recipes That Use Tempeh

Tempeh Bacon Slices

Tempeh Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Spicy Asparagus Tempeh Stir-Fry

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