Silence, Violence, and Drive


Oh yeah! This one gets pretty graphic at the end so if you want to skip it, go ahead.

Even though the scene is only 3 minutes in length, the drawn out movements of the actors, the slow camera movement, and the long notes during the films score emphasis the silence (lack of dialogue).

But this scene doesn't need dialogue, Refn gives us everything we need visually and aurally. The silence before Irene (Michelle Williams) and the Driver's kiss emphasis compassion, sentimentality, and raw emotion.

Then the sound of the body against the elevator and the stomping boots crash against our ears. It prioritizes the reality of violence, without the score behind this horrifyingly violent scene we're forced to listen to the crushing of bones and teeth. We become Irene.

The end of the scene returns to the same silence as the beginning of the scene. Opposite emotions start and end the sequence. Both Irene and the Driver's feelings shift from one end to the spectrum to the other in three minutes.

The Driver finally sees how his actions have consequences through the look on Irene's face. She, like us, is appalled at what just happened.

How do you guys feel about the scene? Is there anything else you noticed that's worth mentioning? Please feel free to let me know in the comments section below!

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