Diplo calls out FAKE romance between Zedd and Selena Gomez!

It may come as a surprise but Zedd and Selena Gomez were never dating!


It's true.. leading to further claims that Gomez was Zedd's beard as continuous gay rumors swirl. Many also believe Zedd only began to hang out with Gomez to launch his career into more success. All a set-up? Diplo exposed the fake romance.

" I just think he came from such a cool place, and now he's being pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM - But they've pegged him for that, they've marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music." - Diplo said in a recent interview.


The claim cuts close to another celebrity, Taylor Swift. You see, Diplo was Katy Perry's ex boyfriend and with both of them having their fair share of feuding with Taylor Swift, it would only make sense that he threw some shade at Swift's BFF, Selena Gomez. Funny how stories go a full 360'.

Hmmm more 'Bad Blood'?

I guess we'll also have to wait for Selena's big announcements that she is planning to do after claiming she had a lot of secrets on one of her Instagram posts.

But as far as we know, Zeddlena is FAKE.

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