Lessons In Makeup: Five Common Beauty Mistakes

If beauty was a mandatory class in grade school, a lot of common mistakes probably wouldn't take placewe will have to witness constant beauty fails from public bystanders for the rest of our lifebeauty lies in the eye of the beholderfaux payou've gone down the deep end and you're likely to never returnlet me school you real quick

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form a makeup artist or a pro, but what I do know is that Istarted from the bottomlike Drake. I used to make these same silly mistakes when I first got into makeup, but practice makes perfect.

Nicki MinajLady GagaRelaxIt's okay to keep it low key sometimes

#1 Too Much Blush:

A little goes a long wayKrusty The ClownIf you're going for a rosy look, stick to light pinkswithout being too overpowering

#2 Excessive Glitter:

Ladies, let's give the glitter back to the 90sexcessive glitter is not an everyday go-to beauty product

#3 Caked On Concealer:

This one takes the cake, literallyConcealer is meant to conceal and brighten

#4 Skipping Makeup Steps:

If you follow a daily makeup routine, you can't skip steps.

#5 Tanning Disaster:

It's pretty simple

Spread the word and save a lifeI mean save a face

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