Sex and the City Fashion Myths Debunked

Sure, Carrie Bradshaw and co. have inspired many a fashionable moment. Sex and the City indulges fantasies about life in New York City, and just how lavish and fashion-packed it can be, but it also birthed many myths about attainable fashion and acceptable clothing choices.

Style myth: high heels can and should be worn for every occasion

Carrie Bradshaw is famous for her love of designer shoes above all other items, but she never invests in anything but stilettos. I don't know how she doesn't have health problems (well, she's a fictional character), but there is nothing necessary about wearing heels every. single. day. In fact, most designers make great flats, brogues, and booties that don't need a teetering heel to look great. You'll save yourself a lot of pain and agony if you wear heels sporadically, or opt for something lower (or a wedge!) for everyday.

Style truth: having stylish friends is awesome.

Being able to recognize all of your personal styles so clearly is great, but all having generally great style means you can draw inspiration from one another, and if you're really generous, borrow one another's clothes. One thing Sex and the City gets wrong is how distinct Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha's styles are; if they were really best friends, they would probably influence one another in the wardrobe department at least a little bit.

Style myth: barely-there outfits and pigtails are appropriate after 35.

Samantha Jones may look fabulous throughout the show as she ages, but that doesn't mean age doesn't have to factor into sartorial choices. Her skimpy outfits like the infamous gingham look above, especially when paired with girl pigtails, isn't really a look that anyone can try, and may not be the most appropriate after 35 (or 15!).

Style truth: embrace color.

We could all take a page out of Carrie's book and ditch the all-black and neutral tones now and then. Carrie rarely shies away from color, and when she puts a great colorful look together, she seems bright and happy. We could all lighten up now and then, so long as we embrace a handful of colors but maybe not the whole rainbow in one outfit as Carrie does.

Style myth: being smart and hardworking means you can't be fashionable.

As the powerhouse lawyer of the bunch, Miranda Hobbes was generally dumpy, boring, and all-around poorly dressed. Her work clothes consisted of boxy, plain suits that didn't do her frame any favors, and rarely showed any style influence. We all know that work clothes can be fashionable and personalized, and there's no reason to dress dumpy just because you're smart and you work hard.

Style truth: when in doubt, the little black dress works for any occasion.

As the four single ladies demonstrated at their friend's wedding, a little black dress looks great and is appropriate for most unsure occasions. Not only are they adorably matching, but each protagonist wears her LBD differently according to her own personal style.

Style myth: belt anything and everything.

Carrie Bradshaw is no stranger to accessorizing, but sometimes I can't help but question her choices. Belts are great accessories to own and utilize, and a belted waist can nip in a boxy or too-loose cut to highlight your smallest point, but a belt over nothing is just too much. Carrie's belt obsession goes too far at times, and you don't need to follow her weird example.

Style truth: sometimes simpler is better.

Carrie is known for her wild and over-the-top outfits, but sometimes she dresses simpler and looks amazing. When she lets one piece (and her amazing hair) speak for itself, it can look better than a statement-making collection of crazy pieces. Follow her example here and know when to opt for a subtle glamour.

Biggest style myth: that any occupation will afford one a designer-filled lifestyle like Carries.

The most obvious blunder of Sex and the City was that it taught tons of young women that they can work almost any job in New York City and be able to live in a big appartment with a walk-in closet brimming with designer goods, while splurging regularly on new shoes. Perhaps if Carrie were a C.E.O or stockbroker, but no, she's a once-a-week newspaper columnist, and yet she has the most lavish and luxurious lifestyles. Sex and the City is great in many ways, but don't watch it and think that you, too, can have the life and wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw with her kind of income. Sadly, her shoe collection is more of a dream than a reality, and we can only take comfort in the fact that even with that huge wardrobe, she made many an ensemble misstep.

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