How to Use a Planner to Get Organized!

Learn how to go old school with a paper planner and enhance your organizational skills.

Plus, it's cute and fun.

1. Get Your Materials Together

I like to use different pens, stickers and wash-ii tape to get my planning on.


Owl Stickers from the Dollar Tree (which I use to track different activities. Like, the pink one means Gym Day, etc.)

Metallic Owl Stickers from Joann's Fabrics

Gel Pens from JoAnn's Fabrics

HI-liters and other pens from Wal Mart

Wash-ii tape (a decorative tape originally from Japan) from Wal-Mart and Joann's

2. Pick a Color Scheme

Pick things that go together.

3. Lay the Foundation

always try to do wash-ii tape and bigger embellishments first, then go for the small things like the stickers.

4. Decorate!

Now here's the fun part. Add sticky notes, sitckers, doodles or whatever! This is where your planning style will come through. I like to use stickers, and since my planner is relatively small I try to keep enough space for all of my events and assignments.

Here I used some stickers in coordinating colors, a couple of sticky notes and some stock-journal cut outs from Joann's. I like to keep my layouts as clean and linear as possible because I end up having a lot to do.

Here are some other examples of previously decorated pages:

These are examples of some of my previously decorated and filled out pages. They can get a little crazy, so I learned to be more sparse with my decorations as time progressed.

5. Plan Your Events

Simply write down what you need to do that week. This can include places you need to go, appointments, goals, quotes, whatever. Make it you!

Since this page is next week, it's not all the way filled in yet, but you get the idea.

6. Stick With It

Planning and decorating and whatever didn't stick with me for a long time. Just now, when my life is heading toward some semblance of routine, it is. Just keep filling things out. You will remember more and be more productive.

I'm no professional planner, but I'm figuring things out just like you.

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