Proof That You're Broke

Sorry folks, but it looks like you and I are more broke than we first thought.

You know it's a tough sign of the times when A-List Celebrities turn to Walmart as their next employer. Reese Witherspoon hosted Walmart's Annual Shareholders' Meeting, which comes a bit of a shock since stars of this caliber are indoctrinated to abhor all that is evil, which we learned years ago was the all-consuming, poor propagation system that is also known as Walmart.

Take a look how she stuns the Walmart crowd, channeling her Legally Blonde character for this cute, but sad YouTube clip.

If even the mega bazillion dollar celebs are turning to the made-in-china behemoth to put food on the table and a roof over one's head, then we are in a world of trouble. We're about one sitcom away from going bankrupt ourselves.

Thanks Obama.

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