Velvet Acid Christ - Dire Land (The Remix Album)

1990년 데뷔, 25년 동안 미국 인더스트리얼 씬을 지켜온 전설 Velvet Acid Christ의 리믹스 앨범

01. Christ Whore (God Module Mix)

02. Eye H8 U (Decoded Feedback Mix)

03. Inhale Blood (Dead Hand Project Mix)

04. Big Time Operator (Feat. Rodney Anonymous) (Vac Mix)

05. Lust (Anonymous Mix)

06. Sex Disease (2014 Mix)

07. Dire (Disease Factory Ov Vac Mix)

08. Even Now

09. Klaglas

10. Bend The Sky

11. Barbed Wired Garden (Assemblage 23 Mix)

12. Dystvonya

13. The Last Goodbye (Controlled Collapse Mix)

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