Tips to successfully navigate the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

The level of excitement I'm feeling right now is too high to even put into words: THE SEMI-ANNUAL SALE IS HERE! The sale started this morning (June 11th) and will end June 26th. Drop everything you are doing and go to the nearest Victoria's Secret (and yes, pass go on your way there). Okay, but we all know that realistically we can't just drop everything and shop 'til we drop. So here are some tips on how to successfully navigate the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale without becoming insane or stressed out.

Get there as early as you can!

The reason that this sale is such a big deal is that the prices are amazing! But with that comes the fact that the good stuff goes really quickly. Get to a store as soon as you can so that you have the best selection.

Shop online!


Become an Angel Card holder!

No, I'm not a salesperson for Victoria's Secret, but getting the Angel Card is totally worth it. Why? Because you get early access to the Semi-Annual Sale! This means you get first pick of the great deals. Plus, as a member, you get reward cards that you then use during the sale (all other discounts can't be used during the sale).

Call ahead!

Going to the store requires a large amount of commitment with the large crowds and chaos. To make sure that this commitment is worth it, call ahead! A sales associate at the store can tell you if they have what you are looking for. The catch is that they can't hold anything for you, so make sure you have time to go to a store and pick it up!

If you don't wear a popular size, you can hold out.

Like in all sales, the most popular sizes — 34B, 34C, 34D, 36C, 36A —are bought first. If you are fortunate enough to not wear a very popular size, you can hold out a little longer than everyone else. At most stores, the prices will drop even further after the first two weeks of the sale. However, keep in mind that the company also makes less of the less popular sizes.

Take advantage of a price adjustment.

You are allowed one price adjustment during the Semi-annual Sale. This means that if you bought a bra at $19.99 and a week later it is selling for $9.99, you can bring your receipt and form of payment into the store and a sales associate will give the $10 difference in the two prices. But remember, you are only allowed one per sale period, so use it wisely!

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