5 Sitcom Couples Whose Relationships You Should Envy

Who doesn't want to live in a sitcom? More than that, who doesn't want to be in a sitcom relationship, where fights are resolved within a thirty minute episode?

Now, I've watched a lot of sitcoms over the years, and there are several funny couples that I not only envy, but sort of want to be a part of.

5. Andy and April have never taken anything, including their relationship, too seriously. They are a constant source of Parks Department pranks and antics, which is exactly the type of relationship I'd like to be a part of. Honestly, I just want to be friends with Andy and April for the nice balance of absurd and cynical that they have together.

4. Cam and Mitchell prove that opposite personalities attract. Mitchell is rational and a bit of a stickler, while Cam is ridiculous and animated. That's not the only reason they're a great couple. They bicker constantly, but always resolve their fights in the best ways (see below when Mitchell plans a flash mob for Cam).

3. This couple was the envy of every middle school girl, including myself. Cory and Topanga (still wondering what her parents were thinking when they named her this) proved that you could still love someone no matter how bad they looked in middle school.

2. These two restore your faith in love on How I Met Your Mother as Ted, Robin and Barney date a wide variety of people throughout the show's nine seasons. They deal with all the real, adult situations that exist for couples from having debt to having children, and they do it as a team.


1. I love The Office and I love Jim Halpert, but those are not the reasons that this is my favorite sitcom couple (okay, maybe a little bit). I love them because this is the couple that everyone is rooting for throughout the first few seasons. When they do finally get married, the office is so excited, they choreograph a dance.

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