Shocking celeb tranformations

How did that scrawny, nerdy girl become a fashion icon? What happened to the sweet and sophisticated woman who now dresses like she is trying to win a contest of who can wear the least amount of fabric? Here are the craziest celeb transformations from the "you go girl" to "what happened."

You go girl: Victoria Beckham

She went from an average British woman to the Queen of Posh and now everyone envies her style and her hot husband.

What happened: Miley Cyrus

No list of celeb transformations would be complete with Miley Cyrus. While Miley has said she feels more confident in herself now, which I'm all for, I do wish she would maybe put on a few more pieces of clothing. And for the love of all things holy, please put your tongue back in your mouth!

You go girl: Kim Kardashian

Whether you love her or hate her, there is no denying that her fashion and look have gotten a lot better since her days of being Reggie Bullock's girlfriend. She went from having a bit of a "hoochy" look to being an incredible style icon.

You go girl: Hilary Duff

Hilary went from the sweet Lizzy Migure to a very fashionable woman.

What happened: Taylor Momsen

She went from being sweet Cindy Loo Hoo to a rocker chic with raccoon eyes. Please, Taylor, lay off the eyeliner at least a little bit. It would also be nice to see an outfit on Taylor that didn't scare me or give me nightmares.

You go girl: Demi Lovato

Demi gets my most improved award, not only in her fashion, but in life in general. She went from being a girl with cookie-cutter fashion sense to a slaying style icon (and she did it while struggling with mental illness and drugs). I couldn't be more happier for her!

You go girl: Kristen Stewart

She may have broken RPatz heart but she has definitely been killing it lately in the fashion and makeup game. If only her acting skills could catch up to her fashion skills.

You go girl: Christina Aguilera

Her amazing voice is about the only thing that has stayed constant since Christina busted into stardom. I'm so glad her style has changed from WTF to OMG!

Whose style evolution is the craziest? Who did I miss in this list?

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