But There Is Nothing Left To Write About...

Want to know want a writers biggest fear is?

Writers Block

Its an absolute nightmare and can go on for forever. For some reason just writing about it is making my left ear hurt. So lets get back to whats really important. That fact that writers block is the worst thing known to man kind...for a writer that is.

Writers block is the fear that there is nothing else to write about. We freeze up thinking that it has all already been done. Every adventure has been had, every soul mate has found her other half, and every monster has had its time to shine and is now shriveled up back in its dark cave.

But how wrong we writers always are.

For my secret santa present this year my friend decided to shove me off the pathetic ledge I was tip toeing on the edge of; we can call that edge writers block (obviously). She did that by buying me a book that can take away the excuse of writers block forever.

This holy bible for writers is called 642 Things To Write About.

This book seriously KILLS!

The writers joked about creating 642 things to write about, however in only one day, 24 hours, they were able to actually get all 642 writing prompts! The story is all on the inside of the book and it is actually really cool.

It gives us cynical writers some hope that clearly not everything has been thought of yet.

So I figured I would give you guys who could be suffering from some dreaded writers block (cue left ear twitching) a few prompts from the book. To choose each of these amazing prompts I have used a very scientific formula, close my eyes, open to a page and point.

If you end up using one of these prompts tag me in the post so I can read it !! I would love to see the stories other people come up with!

Enjoy and (hopefully) happy writing!


You can only keep one memory from your entire life, what is it?

Describe almost drowning.

Write a script to give to telemarketers to sell plastic pooper-scoopers.

Come up with every possible way to describe something as "red" without using the word red.

Justify the one thing in your life you know you should be rid of but you just can't bear the give up.

Write a story using these four L words: lipstick, lust, loss, locked.

She was crazy that way.

Only 10 people will fit in a lifeboat. Connivence the captain that you should be one of them.

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