Flashback fashion: boho hippie

Just take one look at a picture from Coachella and it's pretty obvious that 1970s outdoor music festival hippie fashion is oh so popular again. Janis Joplin, in the picture above, was instrumental in making this style popular — she wore it before it was considered cool to wear. I totally could see a celebrity rocking a similar outfit to Coachella or Bonaroo.

Tips for looking like you are right out of the 1970s:

You can rock this look really easily even if you weren't raised by two hippie parents, like I was. Here are some tips to achieve the 1970s hippie look.

Flower Crowns and tinted sunglasses:

Take a page out of the fashion book of the queen of boho style, Vanessa Hudgens. Round sunglasses are very boho and, of course, flower crowns were a big thing in the 70s (think flower child).

Lots of jewelry:

You can never wear too much vintage-looking jewelry if you are trying to achieve this look. Pile it on, just like Kylie and Kendall Jenner did. Kendall is also rocking another trend from the 70s, the vest. Did you notice the two women wearing flower crowns in the background of this picture? See, it's super easy to achieve the look if you have a few key pieces!

Cut off denim shorts and braids (oh and more flower crowns):

And, another flower crown! Bella Thorne is also wearing high-waisted cut off denim shorts, which give her look even more of a boho vibe. She also put braids in her hair, a hairstyle tip for looking like you are at Woodstock.

Suede, fringe and bandanas:

Adding pieces of suede clothing also gives you a 70s hippie feel. Gigi Hadid is also wearing a bandana, which in that style gives off boho gypsy look. Gigi's arm candy, Cody Simpson, is also rocking a 70s trend that you can adopt: the fringed jacket.

Crochet vest and layering:

And the flower crown makes another appearance! Sarah Hyland is wearing the famous flower crown with a crochet vest and lots of layers. All of these tips will get you well on your way to looking like you are from the 70s hippie generation.

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