Insanely Cute Shoes for Every Totoro Fan

If you're looking to show off your love for Totoro in style, here are 10 adorable shoes you should check out. These are a bit on the pricier side, but they are handmade and well worth the investment for devoted fans.

This dual-color pastel pair is my personal favorite. It features all the Totoros as well as Satsuki and Mei. (Price: $59.99+ depending on size)

If you love the adorable little sootballs, these sneakers are the perfect pair for you. (Price: $69.60)

If you are going for a more simple look, this grey pair featuring just Totoro is the one to go for. (Price: $59.99)

TOMS fans are covered with this custom made pair. (Price: $110)

This is my second favorite pair, featuring the rain scene from My Neighbor Totoro. (Price: $55)

If you love Vans, this pair featuring Catbus and Totoro would be the one for you! (Price: $105)

This is the most expensive pair but the cost can be justified by the extremely well-done artwork. (Price: $250)

Yet another pastel favorite, featuring a sleepy Totoro and Mei. (Price: $55)

If you are going for a more simple and clean look, this pair featuring the Totoros, Mei and tiny sootballs is perfect for you. (Price: $49.99+ depending on size)

Another simple and cute pair that features just Totoros. (Price: $55)

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