Squats: Chucks or Weightlifting Shoes?

If you happen to squat with a barbell, especially with a high-bar squat, you may notice how the heel of your foot may raise a bit. Totally normal.

If you're new to the squat game, and you want to squat more weight without losing balance, consider getting squat shoes.

People are gonna say Chuck Taylors are better -- that depends on the width of your squat stance. If your foot placement is wide, chucks might work better for you. If your stance is a bit more narrow, weightlifting shoes might just become your best friend. Test out your squats with both Chucks and weightlifting shoes to see which works best for you.

If you don't want to invest in weightlifting shoes, use small 5lb or 10lb weight plates and place them under your heel. It (sorta) mimicks squat shoes by keeping you heel a bit elevated during a squat. But I personally think it's a nuisance when I am trying to position myself on the plates, while having quite a bit of weight on my back.

When I first tried on weightlifting shoes, my squat changed tremendously. I was able squat deeper, my form looked better, and my heel had the support it needed. Try 'em out! Figure out what works best for you. :)

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