How Can You Even Think About Not Wanting Children?

"How can you not want babies, their so cute?" "Carrying a child just make you get more in touch with your womanhood." "Becoming a mother is the most important thing you can do in this lifetime." "Don't worry, you'll change your mind when you get older." Well I was never worried until I started talking to you, so thanks for that.

When I was a kid playing house was my favorite thing; except I never, and I mean never, played the mom. Why would I want to? Moms have to watch the kids, do whatever they want to do and then yell at them if they are doing something wrong (having to much fun). Don't get me wrong, motherhood is an amazing thing. The fact that a human body can form inside a life is beautiful, and being a Mom is 100% the hardest profession in the world. The respect I have of pregnant women and mothers alike is indescribable. Plus babies are so cute right? Yeah, when you can return them once they start crying.

No thank you!

Not having a child means money in the pocket.

Being a Mom means a lot more responsibility

Going Anywhere Becomes A Process

Not having a kid will not stop you from having a family.Not having your own kid will not stop you from being a parental figure.

Because shaming woman for not wanting to be a mother is just as bad as shaming women because they are gay.

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