The Power Of Kindness

We see it all the time, someone buys a lunch for a person in need, or someone donates their time to make a small difference in their community. And some people just shake their jaded little heads.

Have we become so cynical that the idea if helping others is more of a nuance then an amazing thing. Do people actually believe that small acts of kindness won't make a huge impact?

Because we can not think that way or the human race is doomed.

The idea of asking for help has become twisted and warped into a mean creature who people call pathetic. People who ask for help are seen as weak and lazy, meanwhile the human race is programed to need and desire help. Helping one another is how we can connect and bond on a deeper level.

Now trying to help is seen as stupid, naive, and pointless since unless you can completely solve a situation they is no reason to even try to change anything right?


Small acts of kindness changes peoples lives. It can go as far as helping someone feed their family, teaching someone to read or just being an advocate for those who go unnoticed in society. And when people step up and help, others take notice. Then maybe those people will pay it forward (excellent movie if you are ready to sob your eyes out). And the cycle continues.

So here are a few random acts of kindness to reinstate your faith in humanity. Because we all want and need help, we just get a little messed up in how to ask.

This man spends his lunch hour reading to his coworker who doesn't know how. Yes this isn't stopping any wars, but if everyone had just a little of this mans compassion, maybe wars would end.

Plus his coworker's life has been forever touched.

Buying someone in need food is amazing. This woman took it one step further by buying herself and this man lunch and sitting with him as his equal. She proceeded to spend her lunch chatting with him.

Talk about the cycle of kindness at work! Paying it forward is an amazing way to keep the kindness going. There was once a story about a fast food drive though in with every single car in the line ended up paying for a surprise coffee for the person behind them! It went on for nearly 10 cars.

In a time when so many people lost their jobs the idea of having a clean, pressed suit can make all the difference in the world. This laundry mat helped give struggling people a basic necessity back. No judgement attached.

This 82 year old barber goes to the park and gives anyone a shave daily. He charges 1 hug per shave. Sometimes people don't have the money for simple luxuries. Being able to get one seriously brightens someone week and give them a more positive outlook on life.

Needing a place to charge your phone may seem so trivial. But after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, when people had no power or even homes, it means the world to be able to have a lifeline. Just being able to call a family member can make a terrible situation a little easier.

A train station full of people helped recuse someone who fell in the cracks between the train and the platform. This just goes to show how everyone working together can move mountains...or in this case trains.

An officer asked the citizens of Brazil to not fight during the protest that day because it as his birthday. So they brought him a cake. Even people on two different sides can come together for something important, like a birthday.

If you want to see just how life changing small acts of kindness can be, watch this video! Her reaction brought me to tears and she was even able to pay it forward!

I love humans!

Seeing the difference you make in someones life can improve your own as well. So start looking for ways to help instead of looking the other way. The world will become a better place because of you!


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