How To Dress Like an Olsen Twin

So you're obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley and wish you had their unobtainable style and double je ne sais quoi. Join the club. How can you emulate their sartorial style? I have a couple of ideas...

Tip #1: ALWAYS wear or carry sunglasses


Tip #2: Black never goes out of style.

After sunglasses, Mary Kate and Ashley's most heavily relied on fashion cue is head-to-toe black. Whether it's a boxy top, jeans, and booties in all black, or a maxi sack dress and sandals, all black is a must. Opt for black sunglasses, purses, jackets, as well as every other garment. You can't go wrong, and it goes with everything. Especially more black.

Tip #3: More layers are better than none.

The very petite twins often layer until their bodies are nothing more than frames for a heap of coats. Like Audrey Hepburn advised women to remove one accessory before leaving the house each day, the Olsen twins would advise you to add one coat before leaving the house. Were you not even wearing a jacket when you did this? Add one more.

Tip #4: Tone down sex appeal with tightly pulled-back hair.

The Olsen twins know the value of audience, and they know when to look like messy, sexy mermaids, and when to look like old ladies in the bodies of 29-year-olds. Notice here that they are at a CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) event, so they are in high-fashion company, where sex appeal is often disregarded for the sake of fashion.

Tip #5: When you must wear something fitted, opt for skinny jeans.

Despite the Olsen Twins' love for anything boxy, heavy, layered, and generally form unfitting, they also appreciate a great pair of skinny jeans. Wear yours under an oversize coat so that most of you is still heavily covered up. Go for a super skinny style so that your legs resemble toothpicks under your giant coat.

Tip #6: Carry all of your sunglasses in a giant handbag.

Neither Mary Kate nor Ashley is ever seen without a purse over her arm so large she can block her head from the paparazzi with it. Keep your closet full of giant purses to go with every outfit (though if you follow these rules, they should probably all be black). How else are you going to ensure that you always have sunglasses at hand?

Tip #7: Layer formalwear, too.

If you think a formal event is an appropriate time to wear a bandage dress, or even just a dress that shows off your legs, think again. You're an Olsen now, and you can layer anything and everything. Think a maxi dress is covering enough? Nope, add a jacket. Add a second jacket.

Tip #8: Be a fan of fur.

I don't personally condone this, so I'm going to advise you to go the faux-fur route. It'll save you tons of money to spend on more sunglasses. From the red carpet to the airport, the Olsen Twins love adding fur to their layering repertoire, and so can you. Whether it's a jacket, a vest, or a stole, mix up textures with something soft and furry.

Tip #9: Accessorize with shopping bags.

Because what are shopping bags but another layer for your arms? The twins usually carry shopping bags from luxury designers, making them akin to a second designer purse draped over their arm. Of course, the shopping bags should be black, so plan your spending accordingly.

Tip #10: Find yourself a fashion buddy.

Part of the reason Mary Kate and Ashley are so coveted but also so elusive is that there are two of them. Two giant piles of coats on twiggy legs holding coffee cups and giant purses, two sets of eyes behind giant glasses, two heads of messy blonde hair. If you don't have a twin, you can't get exactly what they have, but travel as a duo with a friend, a sister, a borrowed style twin off the street... anyone who will agree to dress like you in head-to-toe black. You might not get the same response as the Olsen's, but you'll probably turn some heads and get street style snapped if you're lucky.

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