Gray, Loco, & Jay Park @ Sketchbook

Jay Park__Joah Gray ft Loco__ 하기나 해 (Just Do It) Loco__You Don't KnowTOADilly


I had these in this order on a summer playlist I've been working kinda funny how that worked out. If you haven't downloaded these tracks I highly suggest you do. But if you're interested in watching the other melody they performed as well as a short interview it starts at around 54:00 in. They killed it....their performance was so fun! I loved it. And Jay talks about being 29 and getting old and lazy....I feel you, bruh, I feel you..._(._.)_

Loco's so adorable<3 And here's a tidbit for ya....he's wearing the same jacket Lay the bae was wearing in the Call Me Baby MV...and lookin' fresh. And I can't even with Gray.....Each time I see him, I'm like "Dude, are you even real??" I just find him like....sickeningly attractive.


But anywho I'm rambling.... partly because I'm bored and partly because I don't wanna finish cleaning I hope you're all having a good one tho!

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