My New Obsession: Blue Sandstone

I've said it before, and I'll say it once more: I like space. I don't particularly want to go there or study it for the rest of my life, but there's just something about the look and idea of space that I love.

Which often translates into a lot of other patterns and designs: star shaped earrings, constellation adorned mugs, galaxy print skirts, etc. If it reminds me of space, and comes in the blue/purple/black shades expected of that, I'll probably like it.

Which brings me to Blue Sandstone, my new favorite stone, and the item which will probably empty my wallet if I stay on etsy for too long tonight.

Not only does blue sandstone just LOOK amazing (and I'm not one to wear much, if any, jewelry), but it also has a lot of symbolic properties and energies that it carries with it.

I used to have a crystal necklace shaped like a prism (like many blue sandstone ones are) that I wore every day, and felt better for it, until it not longer worked well for me and I tossed it.

Blue sandstone can symbolize:

- enterprise

- success

- victory

- glory

And all of these things can help you to be a better letter, to be stronger, and also help enhance your body's good spirits.

(Etsy link for this necklace)

On top of that, it's been said that wearing blue sandstone can drive out evil spirits while clearing the mind and relieve the pressure of life around you.

(Etsy link for this necklace)

To put it as one site did: "The brilliant stars shining in the dark blue sky bring courage, confidence and willpower and boost vitality and energy."

Etsy link

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