5 Ways to Save Money in June

Up your financial game with these 5 tips on how to save your money this June.

1. Utilize the Dollar Store

Dollar stores can have some surprising merchandise for just a dollar. You can get kitchen supplies, discount makeup and even plates, cups and bowls. Check out your local dollar store to save money on essentials.

2. Stick to your lists.

If you make a list of things you need to buy at the grocery store, or wherever, you can eliminate impulse buys. Be strong, and stick to the list!


3. Save your coins!

I'm guilty of letting coins get lost. Keep them in a jar and literally save every penny, and watch the profits stack up.

4. Track your Finances



5. Pay with cash.

When we pay with cash we can see it leaving our hands. We are less likely to spend if we can physically see how much money we have. Every week go to the ATM and take out the money you're willing to spend for the week, then leave your debit card at home. It'll cut needless spending and teach you how much you actually spend.

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