Best Escort Card Table DIY

When it comes to putting together a diy escort card table, the trick is NOT to overthink it. That's when you can get into all kinds of trouble. Avoid that by keeping it simple.

The idea comes from Colin Cowie, which you see here. A table--large enough to accommodate all of the escort cards was very simply covered in a blanket of soft pink carnations. Carnations are PERFECT fresh florals to choose for a project like this because their petals are soft and full of feminine ruffles. Also, the cost for carnations is significantly lower than the other major florals on the market.

An alternative to choosing flowers, you could use what's called, mood moss. It comes fresh from floral markets and has that gorgeous unmistakable deep to lime green color variation. You can also find this at hobby or craft stores, though it won't be fresh.

1. Cover the table surface with moisture-proof plastic (to protect the table).

2. Use the thinnest faux floral *foam you can find from craft stores and adhere to plastic with double side tape.

3. Clip the carnations close to the head, leaving 1/2 inch stem to poke through the foam.

*PRO TIP: Keep the plastic wrap on the foam sheet(s). using a sharp knife , gently poke holes in the plastic--scoring it in effect. This will allow you to use double side tape and give the flowers room to pierce the foam more easily.

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