North West will always be more fashionable than you (and me)

Let's face it. We will never be as fashionable as North West. Ever. No matter how much we try. With arguably the most fashionable woman on earth, Kim Kardashian West, as a mother and the self-proclaimed fashion icon, Kanye West, as a father, North was born with fashion running through her veins. In honor of her birthday, here are ten times — in the two years that North has been alive — that she dressed way better than you.

North is taking Black Friday literally by wearing an Appaman black fur cape (yes, a cape) and Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. Nothing like a baby wearing a fur cape... so normal.

What toddler dresses like this? Well, North West, of course! There are rumors that the coat, if made from real fur, cost more than $3,500. North is also wearing Doc Martens, which cost a very pretty penny. I really hope she didn't throw up or poop on those. Talk about a lot of money down the drain. Oh, right. We are talking about the Kardashians here. No need to worry about money!

North is rocking an outfit that is a mix between army chic and hoedown throw down. But, mini Kim and Kanye is working it. In this picture, she is blowing a kiss to the paparazzi. Fashionable and cute? We can never compete.

North is working a bit of an edgier outfit with gray sweatpants, a black bomber jacket and a pair of Chanel Timberland-style boots. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Kanye dressed the famous toddler that morning.

The petite fashionista shows support for her famous father with a Yeezus tour t-shirt. She goes for an all black looks with a black circle skirt, black leggings and black booties. All black errything. Here's to hoping that North doesn't listen to her dad's songs — they aren't exactly toddler appropriate.

North is going with a hippy no-shoes look. She pairs that with gray leggings, a gray shirt and an army green bomber jacket. Yes, North may have an infinite amount of money to spend on fashion and access to all of the best designers, but we all got to live a normal childhood. That's something that money can't buy.

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