WINNER - Colour Ring

Following our EDM instalment from earlier in the week, today I bring you something a little more low-key. I am completely in love with this song...I just keep it on replay. I know everyone was expecting more of a hip&hop, dance style from the boys- especially since they're from YG- but I can help but feel this style just suits them so much more.

Vingling&mingling. 같은 관심사를 가진 사람들과 어울리며 이야기를 공유하고 싶은 1인. 뷰티, 건강, 해외TV쇼, 한국TV쇼, 책, 영화, 아이돌, 자기계발, 마케팅, 경영, 요리, 패션, 일기 등에 깊거나 얕은 관심.
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