You Are Inferior To No One


Ahhhhh the Princess Diaries, what an awesome movie. This quote happens to be my Mom's favorite and it has been over a decade since the movie has come out (holy crap) and its this moment that I remember the most. And the pizza with the M&Ms on it but that has nothing to do with what Im about to say.

Confidence in yourself is one of the hardest thing to attain, and I for one am still working on it.

I have been crushed by friends and jerks alike, telling me that I am doing everything wrong. But haven't we all? It seems that everywhere you turn its hard to find someone who thinks that just being you is good enough. However, believing in yourself is the only way people will stop messing with you. Critics shy away from confident people who ignore the opinion of sheep.

completely threw other peoples opinions of her into the gutter and lived her life how she

This book takes place throughout the early 1900. I'm talking about WWI, prohibition and the Great Depression, a time when women were still expected to not vote, not work and stay in the kitchen.

All the men wanted her and all the wives scorned her.

Mazie knew she wasn't a bad person, so why let other people dictate how she should live her life! She never tried to be someone she wasn't, which is what made her such an influence

later on during the Depression.

She was known as a sinner to some, but a Saint to all. She was even close friends with a Nun, who never tried to actually "save" her since Mazie made it quite clear she didn't need saving.

She knows who she is and doesn't let her friends, family, or society make her feel inferior just because she refuses to live the life everyone thinks she should.

I feel like we all should take a page out of her book (get it) and learn to turn our noses up at those who try and guilt us into becoming someone we are not. There isn't enough time in the world to please everyone, so you might as well spend your life pleasing yourself. If every women in history let society shove her into inferiority, then our lives would be filled with dresses, cooking and babies; can you say nightmare?

So never let anyone make you feel inferior, and don't waste your time with judgers and critics. Because they might think you are a sinner, but to yourself you can always be a Saint.

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