Beyoncé Workout Music

When I am doing a forced cardio sesh (because let's be real though, I hate running) I like to listen to Bey. From bumpin' squat music, to sprint hills outside, she helps sets the mood. With a tall cup of coffee, liquid eyeliner, and good music, I am 100% ready for the gym.

Beyy why are you so perfect?!


Feeling Myself

Pre-workout to this!

Listen to this while you have your pre-workout (coffee, anyone?). I know there is this thing that believe you can't look cute to the gym. But for me, wearing decent gym clothes, my high-tops, while carrying my pretty-pink weightlifting belt makes me feel like the weight section is mine.

Move along, boys, I'm here with Bey and Nicki Minaj on my music player.

Grown Woman

Run To This!

Are you running fast? Awesome -- run faster and pump up the volume. Put on your big-girl running shoes and run fast and far.


Squat To This!

If this doesn't make you want to squat, I think you bought the wrong eyeliner. It's two minutes of goodness and I normally put this on repeat. This makes me feel bad-ass, strong, and cute.

Ready, set, SQUAT...low, low, low.

Run The World (Girls)

Circuit to this!

Doing a tough workout circuit? Keep pushing, don't stop! Let the music motivate you to get through that tough workout.


Let's go do this.

If you want to learn how to eat like beyonce, check out this post by@nisfitHERE!

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