How to Look Fresh After a Flight

From my past air traveling experience, flying for 10 or more hours can be your skin in distress. I'm the type of person who cannot sleep comfortably on the plane. Even if I have my headphones on it is difficult disregard the person sitting next to me. The worst case is to sit next to someone who snores. For this reason, I always reserve the aisle seat to avoid being sandwiched in the middle. Nonetheless, I still feel suffocated with the dry, recycled air and my skin definitely reflects it. My solution: an in-flight beauty treatment.

Facial Sheet Masks

If you're flying across the globe you want to sleep well and not be sleep deprived. A facial mask (the cotton sheets soaked in essences) can calm me and my skin down. I always carry two packets in my on-board bag and take them out when I need it.

Facial Mists

Flight transfers are the worst. I have to deal with getting off the plane, waiting at the airport and getting on the plane again before I reach my final destination. What I love to do is refresh my skin with a facial mist during transfers. It keeps me attentive and moisturizes my skin.

Eye Masks

This is my favorite for short flights. Right before the plane takes off I apply this mask and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then I follow up with a drop of rose hip oil under on the skin and allowing it to sink in before I try to take a nap. Finally, before landing I would spritz a burst of facial spray to instantly plump and rehydrate my face.

What's your beauty must-have when air traveling?

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