Giorgio Armani's Twitter Disses Kim Kardashian...AWKWARD

Where's spell-check when you need it?

With almost 33 million followers on Twitter, every tweet counts for Kim Kardashian. Kim tweeted about famous designer Giorgio Armani except she spelled 'Giorgio' wrong. Kim thought it was spelled 'Georgio' causing a media frenzy because she got a snippy tweet from his company back in seconds.


Armani quickly replied making a dig back at Kim Kardashian correcting her spelling mistake. If anything, Kim was really wishing she hadn't crossed that line. Armani should be somewhat happy that she tweeted about them since that one tweet just reached over 33 million people. Now that's what you call marketing and advertising to me... However, Kim did try to smooth things over though.

Sleep deprivation?

At least she apologized. Hey, we're all humans and we all make mistakes, right?

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