Watching A Dinosaur Die

OK, I will admit it, I have never seen any of the original Jurassic Park movies. I know, I've been missing out and I plan on binge watching them this weekend. It's just that every time someone put them on in college I always fell asleep! Blame it on the alcohol.

I did however, just come back from the newest movie, Jurassic World, and it caused... a lot of unexpected feelings.


First off, the fact that people weren't impressed by the dinosaurs, lead the park owners to feel the need to make a hybrid, is just terrible. After only 2 decades, the T-Rex was being compared to an elephant. An elephant! In my opinion elephants are still amazing and they've been around forever.

So what the hell does that say about humans? We have looked the same for hundreds of years and we aren't bored with ourselves just yet. No one is trying to test tube our genes so that it will make us bigger and badder.


I guess since I missed out on all the other Jurassic Parks I never actually saw a Dinosaur die. Unless you count the Grandpa in the Land Before Time which might be the reason that this scene affected me so profoundly.

When they stumbled upon the long neck not even dead, but AS he was dying I freaked out. He was just so sad and the grumbles he made just broke my heart! Maybe it is PTSD from Land Before Time (my pervious all time favorite movie) but just seeing the gentle, star leaf eating long neck laying on the ground shook me.

And as if that wasn't enough, after building a relationship with the Raptors, who I instantly liked since I didn't realize they were the bad guys in the other movie, most of them died too!! First they screwed over the humans, but then Blue, the real MVP, came back and totally destroyed. But I feel like the rest of them were killed off just as Owen finally became the true Alpha and completed his relationship with them!

It sucks because it would have been amazing to see what Owen could do with them, like give them a better rap then those Raptors usually get.

And finally there is the insane ending of our monster, the test tube dino that caused all the chaos. It hurt me even watching her die. Yeah, she was an asshole who was hunting and killing my cute little long necks, but it wasn't all her fault. She was raised in total isolation and was created to be terrible.

In this situation, it was 100% nature vs. nurture.

I will never see an actual dinosaur.

The only things left of them are bones and dust, and I can not imagine that changing any time soon. A whole life form, gone forever.

And for some reason I am only just now feeling how profoundly sad and disappointing that is.

That thing is terrifying and seems to be in a constant state of hunger.

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