Singin' Songs [PotD #6]

Lyric of the Day #13

"You play along to songs written for you

But you're all out of tune"

I wrote a song about you today

It sounded like a letter

scratched on old vinyl

It's a sad song, a song about the way you ran away

A song about me not having the nerve

to ask you to stay

I wrote a song about you today

on an old, out-of-tune guitar

it's not a good song,

I got the notes all wrong.

Wrong like my mind around you

like the love I thought was true

like the question I wanted to say

like the way you were gone by the end of the day.

I wrote a song about you today

But I didn't finish it,

I just stopped about half way

I thought that was the best song for you

a half-cocked, unsung ballad

of lost love and slamming doors

of beauty queens in department stores

or junkie thieves and lyin' whores.

I wrote a song about you today

It starts like this:

I wrote a song...

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