Tyra Banks reveals makeup FREE selfie

"You deserve to see the REAL me."

Tyra Banks is 41-years-old, a model, the host for America's Next Top Model, has her own beauty collection called TYRA Beauty, and is undeniably gorgeous. She decided that she should show her natural self today to her fans. See ladies? She's just like the rest of us.

"You know how people say #nofilter but you know there's a freakin' filter on their pic? Or maybe there's a smidge of retouching going on but they're lying and saying it's all raw & real? Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me."

"I wanted to smooth out my dark circles so badly!!! But I was like, 'Naw, Ty. Show 'em the REAL you.' So...here I am. Raw. And there YOU are...looking at me, studying this picture. Maybe you're thinking, 'Whoa, she looks ROUGH.' And if you are, great! You deserve to see the REAL me. The REALLY real me. #RawAndReal."

"I paint my pretty on!"

"You know how some women wake up looking all refreshed and don't need any makeup? You know who I'm talking about: those ladies with naturally rosy cheeks and sky-high cheekbones. You're probably thinking, 'Yeah, Tyra, like you!'"

"Well, guess what? I'm not one of them! I paint my pretty on!"

Good for you, Tyra! She's joining many other celebrities who are rebelling against everyday beauty standards to be perfect always when it's an unrealistic standard.

It's amazing what a little makeup can do to a person's face...

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