Celebrity Hairstyle: Miranda Kerr

I'm a big fan of Miranda Kerr's hair, so much that I had to do a montage of her best looks. She pretty much always looks AMAZING not matter what she wears. I always admire her signature brown locks and subtle blonde highlights. The shades complements her skin tone and brings out her blue eyes. If there's anything you need to learn from her it's how to achieve a sleek style with sass.

Hairstyle 1: Side swept hair with voluminous soft waves.

Hairstyle 2: Sleek and chic straight hair.

Here's an example of how lightening your hair color in one or two shade can change your look. Doesn't she look different with lighter locks?

Her pretty updo are perfect for any professional ladies. From sleek ponytail to cute ballerina buns Miranda knows how to style them all. If you're attempting this primp and proper style make sure your baby hair are tamed. Fly aways will change the personality of this hairstyle. \

What is your fave look on Miranda Kerr's hair?

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