when boredom strikes!

Imagine a scenario where you are stucked in traffic and your mobile phone has low battery. Absolute boredom. yeah.

I decided to research on how to overcome boredom. I found out that in our generation today we are used to doing things simultaneously or what we commonly call multi tasking. So when we got nothing to do, we automatically get bored.

I ran through an article on lifehack.org and found out that one of their suggestion to overcome boredom is to enjoy it. Contradicting right? but hey come to think of it, sounds good anyway. Enjoying your time that you have nothing to do. a time to relax and ponder over things. a time to enjoy your sip on the coffee. listening on the music before it ends. aaaahhhh. when i'm bored, i usually write anything - words, letters, lines - or draw something (even though i don't have a talent on that). how about you? what do you usually do to overcome boredom? by the way, you can visit this link to read the whole article. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/how-to-overcome-boredom.html

just thinking it out loud
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