How to workout in style

Just because you are heading to the gym to burn off some cals and work up a sweat does not mean that you can't still do it in style. Workout fashion has come angling way since the days of baggy shorts and Soffe shorts. Plus, who knows if a cute gym rat will be there checking you out while you do you workout? Here are my favorite ways to stay in style while staying in shape.

1. Add some color

Neon workout gear is very in style right now. Just don't go overboard -- you want to avoid looking like the traffic controller on the airport runway. I like to pair a bright piece with a neutral outfit, like a bright pink tank with plain black workout leggings. Everything in moderation even when it comes to fashion.

2. Go for a print

Another way to spice up your workout outfit is to look for prints. I absolutely love running leggings with prints. It adds some flair to your outfit and gives you a little boost when you look down to make sure your legs are still there because you can't feel them.

3. Motivational or inspirational top

Tanks or tees with a motivational message are very trendy right now in the workout fashion community. Whether it says, "Go big or go home" or "I just want to watching Netflix," a cute motivational top can pump up your outfit. And it'll give you some extra energy or put a smile on your face when you look in the mirror as you are squatting or lifting weights.

4. Bright shoes

Put a pep in your step with bright sneakers at the gym. Gone are the days when solid-colored sneakers were the norm at the gym. You can also get super dance and match your shoes to your shirt for some extra fashion points.

5. Wear accessories

No, I'm not talking about bracelets or sunglasses. Add some fun to your workout outfit with bright sweatbands or printed headbands. They are fashionable and functional. Its a win-win for everyone.

Try some of these workout fashion tips the next time you head to the gym, and get your sweat on!

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