7 Precious Father & Child Moments

This Sunday is Father's Day and the spotlight is definitely on dads this week. So, don't neglect your dad. Father + child moments are just as precious as mommy + child moments. More than showering your dad with gifts maybe you can do something more meaningful to show love and appreciation. Things like making him breakfast, writing him a note, watch a movie together, or make a scrapbook are simple but thoughtful. In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are a few great daddy + child moments that are, oh, so precious.

1. The moment he first held you.

2. The moment when he plays and sings with you.

3. The moment when he can't take his eyes off you.

4. The moment where he first did your hair.

5. The moment when he makes sure you look your best.

6. The moment he prepares a meal for you.

7. The moment he held your hands and take you for a stroll.

No matter how busy you are this weekend make sure you take the time and tell your daddy how much you appreciate him.

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