Getting a 'Thank You' letter from TSwift

Random Acts of Kindness are the best kinds of kindness!


Taylor Swift typically sends out thank you cards to professionals in the music business as well as some of her biggest fans who meet her backstage at the concert. She has been doing it for every tour and every concert for as long as anyone can even remember. Her mother has stressed a high importance on thanking the people who got her to success.

She aims to make each and every person feel special. Some are baffled at how perfected Swift has the letters down to a science. She knows so many personal things about the people she briefly met that it's uncanny. She has in depth conversations with each fan for a few minutes and is extremely friendly making fans feel that they've known her forever.

She leaves cute notes and little doodles signing it off with 'Taylor' and a heart. For someone who is a pop superstar, it's refreshing to see one who still has a good head on her shoulders and actually cares about the fans who brought her to super-stardom!

Yes, I'm a Swiftie.

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