AMAZING worldwide Sherlock graffiti project

It's official: the entire world has been Sherlocked. What started as a small idea on Tumblr has become a viral internatiomal art project. The concept is actually really cool by itself: at the end of season two, Sherlock has faked his death after being condemned as a fraud. The fans thought that the character left behind (particularly John Watson) wouldn't stand for it. They were sure that John and the others would be working to clear Sherlock's name. The graffiti project began as a real-world expression of what fans imagined would be happening inside the world of the show.

And it grew.

We Believe In Sherlock

I Believe In Sherlock feels like a way for fans to continue communicating and building on the elements of the show that they love

The project spread across the internet, giving international fans a way to connect to each other that would previously have been impossible

It captures the spirit of the show and the original stories because the art acts like a secret hidden in plain sight

Do YOU believe in Sherlock?

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