If I had to live without K-Pop, Playlist... Part 1

Okay so I probably had a slightly unfair advantage with this one, while yes K-Pop is the bulk of what I listen to, I also have a fair selection of J-Pop, Mando-Pop, C-Pop, and V-Pop ect. that I love listening to :)

Here is but a taste of some of the songs I love, outside of K-Pop :D

1. Ayumi Hamasaki - Marrionette

Queen Ayu!!! The live version is the only version fully available on YouTube, but I'll include a link to where you can watch the full MV, this girl is so incredible considering she is deaf in one ear!

You can watch the whole MV right>>here<<if you wish to ^^

2. Yun Duo - My LouLan

Which basically means "My Northern Kingdom" or "My China"

I love this song so much, and her voice is so incredible, plus I adore the aesthetic of this music video, simple yet classy ^^

3. Xu Liang - Mr. Rainbow (Feat. Shiga Lin)

Do not ask me why I like this song, don't judge, simply listen XD

So I know its weird, and really makes absolutely no sense, but if you can get past that it's actually a pretty cool song... I feel rather vulnerable sharing this song lol

I do think this would possibly work as a great Skittles advert :P

4. Đông Nhi - Vì Ai Vì Anh

Vietnam's take on Twilight XD, not really, but in my personal opinion a better movie could have been made from this MV lol

I adore this song, so funky \(^o^)/

5. Coke Lee - Let Me Love You

So I'll start by saying this guy possibly has the coolest name in existence lol

But seriously this is such a cool song and the MV is really sweet, bit of a slow jam, but there is nothing wrong with that!

6. Alan - Ashite e no Sanka

(The song title means "A Hymn For Tomorrow")

Love this song so much, the MV is a little bit strange, but I still think it's cool ^^

7. [Alexandros] - Wataridori

Loosely translates to "Migratory Birds" and the MV is about one of two best friends moving away.. kind of sad, but it's a really great song either way :)

8. Sekai No Owari - Death Disco

So I love every single thing about this ^^

This group is kind of goofy and wacky but I love that :D

That water falling in the background of their stage, in the shape of question marks is so cool ^^

Fun Fact - the leader of this band Fukase is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's boyfriend

9. Kumi Koda - Dance in the Rain


10. Leehom Wang - Dream Life

Okay so he's clearly not much of a dancer, but give him a break, this song is so fun and upbeat ^^

11. G.E.M - Long Distance

Don't cry... well it's okay if you do cause I did, I'm pretty sure this song is about long distance relationships

12. Hirose Satoshi "Jimmy" Obsession - "FLASHBACK"

J-Rock! I Love it, what can I say XD

13. Perfume - 575 (Haiku)

I never expected to hear these girls rap, I love them, and I am so hooked on this song ^^

14. 365Daband - ANH SỢ MẤT EM

More V-Pop greatness, upbeat song, the MV is a little bit sad, but overall a fantastic song :)

15. Namie Amuro - Anything

So yes this is sung in English, but she is still Japanese so it still counts XD

and it's a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics :D

16. Fujita Maiko - Soredemo Watashiwa

This girl is like the queen of Anime themes XD

this song is actually from a game though, how awesome is that ^^

17. JJ Lin - Beautiful (Feat. G.E.M)

I love collaborations, especially good ones, and this one is beautiful :P

18. Kimberley Chen - Good Girl (Feat. Xiao Jie)

I love everything about this, nuff said XD

19. Misia - Deepness

Turn the volume up, cause it makes it sound epic ^^

Okay I love this song, but seriously what is up with the whole turban look XD

I'm talking about the whole "Yes I just showered and put my hair up in a towel, but it's a fancy sparkly towel" look she has going on lol, I still love it though XD

I was going to do 20 songs but it seems it won't let me add anymore tabs :'(

Look forward to further parts of my playlist later ^^ I have soooo many songs I want to share so I don't know how many parts I'll be doing just yet XD

Credit to the owners of these videos

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